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Psychiatrist specializing in Schizophrenia near me, Glasgow, Scotland or UK

I’m setting up a research charity in April 2022 and my first project is to help people with Schizophrenia get a job (as employment rate in this group is <10% according to statistics). In the following page I went quite into detail describing Why I’m setting up a research charity in the UK.

One of my first actions is to find a psychiatrist specializing in Schizophrenia near me, which is Glasgow, Scotland, as I hope I can target a single city, however I realize if I want to succeed I will need to expand to other regions and therefore I will also look for psychiatrists not only near me, but also in England, Wales, and Norther Ireland for now, and if successful expand further to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and if successful expand to other English based countries, and finally to Non-English based countries, but itself that plan is a very long term plan, for now I want to try Glasgow, Scotland and see how it goes.

I realize that in order to succeed this challenging project and achieve best possible results, I will need support from others, mainly psychiatrists specializing in Schizophrenia who are passionate about their cause and see value in research that have a potential to make things better.

I would need someone who is willing to perform a review of my approach, identify challenges and most importantly solutions to them, and also help out to identify network of people who can help us out, mainly at this point in time I mean people who live with Schizophrenia are unemployed and are willing to try a free treatment plan, as of course it is critical criteria to start the project.

Initially I’m thinking about focusing on Glasgow, because it’s in my location where I live, and see if we can identify people who would meet the criteria for a treatment, of we are not able to do that, identify people outside of Glasgow or Scotland or the UK, but I would prefer to start small and verify certain assumptions on a small group of people so we can refine our processes with limited resources in order to figure if we should either improve treatment plans, or if we are ready to scale up.

My plan initially is to find a psychiatrist near me in Glasgow and spend on average 3h to 10h a month before now and April 2022 and see what we can potentially achieve during this period.

My main hope is to first of all validate my approach, refine it, and find people who are willing to participate, and assess their suitability for the project by completing a number of surveys.

In April 2022 hopefully we will have a group of people willing to take part and we can start the project.

If you happened to be a Psychiatrist specializing in Schizophrenia near Glasgow or in the UK and would like to volunteer in the project. Please contact me.

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