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Our conditions for helping unemployed get a job in IT

Part of my charity that I’m setting up, I offer free coaching to unemployed who are looking for a job in IT.

As this is a free service, we would like to limit it only to those who have the willingness to put a lot of effort themselves, and essentially know that it is up to them to get results they desire and we will only assist them.

I would also like to make it clear that we do not offer employment or financial help, and will assist by giving advice, tips, perform regular review, and in the future offer a system support achieve a goal of getting a job in IT.

Please note that we do not offer free coaching to students (Part or Full-Time employed), however you can use our books and online system (in development) that will give you the same tips and opportunities comparing to those who use our free coaching service.

Due to very high demand for free coaching, we would like to provide conditions that are necessary to be met in order to continue receive free coaching.

  1. Weekly sessions – Our free coaching is provided on a weekly basis, until you get a job. The weekly session will involve review of your progress last week, review of plan for next week, prioritization, and any tips that will help you progress. Sessions will typically be between 30mins to an hour, occasionally longer, depending on the need.
  2. To do list – We require for you to keep a record of all tasks that you agree to complete.
  3. Time Tracking – We require you to track time and ensure that you are hitting weekly target.

These are the basic conditions of our service, we reserve the right to withdraw free coaching session at any time, for any reason.

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