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KOKORO Emotional Intelligence

When I decided to set up a charity I decided to call it KOKORO Intelligence and that is mainly because KOKORO in Japanese means heart, mind, soul, and spirit as one thing, that you cannot separate which gives a nice holistic view of ourselves where our body, emotions, mental state, consciousness, and unconsciousness is all related to each other and works together as one.

I have used the word intelligence as the definition of it is that “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” essentially it focuses on getting results and the more desired results we achieve in particular situation the more intelligence we are, in other words as much as there may be a limit of our intelligence, as there is a limit of how much knowledge and skills we are acquire and how effectively we apply it to the real world, this also means we can typically increase our intelligence for the same reasons, as we can get new knowledge and skills and we can apply it to the real world, and if successful that should increase our intelligence.

Next is Emotional Intelligence, the definition of emotional intelligence is “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”

As much as I agree with the definition, I would say main blocker of emotional intelligence is when we live with unresolved emotions that affect our lives, and limit our emotional intelligence (and IQ as well). This are situation where something triggers us unresolved emotions and we start to relive the past, and act very emotionally and our logical thinking is cut off. My main solution to that is using techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, The Havening Techniques and similar, combined with practicing the conscious mind to be tougher, more aware and smarter.

Essentially KOKORO and Emotional Intelligence are our foundations for our charity activities.

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