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I am Schizophrenia medication free in 2022!

Here is a bit of my history with Schizophrenia, my first episode, caused by severe trauma, was in Nov 2018 and I objected medication, saying its there must be another way, and I don’t want the side effects. After few weeks in a mental health hospital I was released, without taking any medication and rejected the idea I was mentally ill. Six months later, I had relapse of trauma and experienced second this time even more severe episode of schizophrenia, lost memory for 3 weeks, and was treated on acute ward for 3 months with high dosage of medication.

After being released I was told by a nurse that brain is like any other organ and needs treatment with medication, that hit me, and I decided two things, one I will take medication, two I admit I am mentally ill.

After over two years of taking medication, I stopped taking it in Oct 2021 (psychiatrist decision) but after that, I had kidney stones, had acute pain for over a week and started to experience symptoms of schizophrenia again, so I took medication once more and literally within 15 minutes my symptoms disappeared. My psychiatrist have seen my very good recovery, thanks to supplements (ginko biloba, focus elite) and psychotherapy (EFT / Havening Techniques) and after our chat he decided that my condition is stable, so I should take medication for only 1 month in dec 2021 and be medication free from 1st of 2022.

Today is 1st of 2022 and I am medication free!

There is still a risk of third episode, so my best option is to take medication if I experience any schizophrenia symptoms, that would be somehow similar to an episode, so it is a very good option for me, as the antipsychotic medication works very quickly in my case.

I regret not taking medication from my first episode, or even ignoring my mental health and the subject of schizophrenia before I was taken to a hospital, but it’s hard to do something about schizophrenia when you don’t know what it is.

I completely changed my views on antipsychotic medication, yes they can have severe side effects, but for schizophrenia there is no better way to prevent an episode, simply the current research that was conducted has no way to do that, and therefore medication is very good is for people that don’t have another choice. Still I would like to underline that I am medication free mainly because of a lot of psychotherapy with EFT / Havening Techniques which have removed my symptoms, and without that I would probably be taking antipsychotics for at least 5 to 10 years, as that was the initial predication for people who had two episodes.

There is still a risk for third episode, and I in 2022 I plan to have weekly psychotherapy for at least a year with three specialists and I hope this will reduce my risk of another episode and I will not have to take medication ever again.

Take care


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