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Help unemployed get a job in Business Intelligence (IT)

I’m in process of setting up a charity and our first project is “Help people with Schizophrenia get a job” however this will challenging in many ways, and therefore I decided to start another project that is much simpler and is called “Help unemployed get a job in Business Intelligence (IT)”.

Choosing Business Intelligence is no accident as I have a 15+ years experience with it, run a Microsoft Power BI consulting business and I have written a book “A Career with Microsoft Power BI“.

Our approach is quite simple, find people who are unemployed and looking for a job, which is easy as I just posted a “job” on Indeed and offer free help and within one day we had 7 applications, and we posted the job in Glasgow, Scotland, but most people applied from all over the UK.

Once we find people, we offer an introduction call and gather some basic data, I already had two session and both of them very excellent and feedback was excellent, mainly because I focused on helping people realize they own limitations, unhealthy believes, self-sabotage, and proposed a better strategy to increase chances of getting a job, faster.

One of the question we ask during the session is financial cushion and we ask how long they have before they run out of money, and typically it’s not that much, so what we do also prevents stress and worst case scenarios which is extreme cases is becoming homeless.

If you would like to support our project, and help us more unemployed people get a job in Business Intelligence. Please make a donation.

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